How Our Candle Adventure Started

 Our family started this unexpected journey back in 2001 in our basement, pouring candles for Hostess Parties, Wholesale Accounts, and Fundraisers.

We had no idea then, how things would end up now. But here we are. Lots of wax, no shortage of hard work, and the best customers we could ever ask for, keep our business thriving and growing as we get to do the best thing ever, which is share our products and love of decorating with you!  

Les (my husband) and I, and our family, have dedicated more than 20 years to helping you furnish your home, find that perfect gift, and provide the best candles and tarts that we know how to make! Based in Northwest Illinois, we are rural by location, and farmhouse in our hearts. We recently purchased my grandparents 120 year old farmhouse to renovate from top to bottom, which has caused our little business to take another turn, as we look for the perfect items to furnish our new project, we find new sources for our lovely friends and customers.  And with Covid-19, our journey has changed gears yet again, as we look for new and fresh ways to stay connected with you. 

And now on to 2022, and even more new adventures, as we open The Toy Store! We are working hard to bring all the goodness and originality we look for in our Home Decor Lines, and bring you the most original, and rewarding toys that we can find!

We hope you'll continue to follow along, and join us for everything that comes next!

With love and warmth, 

Jackie & Les 


We're so glad you're here, and we're ready to help!

Our Brick & Mortar store is located at

Northland Mall

2900 E Lincolnway 

Sterling, IL 61081



Phone: 815-622-5996

Store Hours - Tues thru Friday 10 am - 5 pm,   Saturday 10 am - 2 pm

Also available by appointment